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A little corner of our yard is dedicated to my somewhat “green thumb”…I built these shelves using reclaimed decking planks, (boards made of recycled materials)….love recycling….another mans discarded items are definately this womans treasure!   …now I am on a mission to expand my garden area into a little xeriscope sanctuary using native Florida plants and groundcover…little by little…I will get there…using my new space to think, read, contemplate, meditate, rediscover myself, rejuvenate, and on a nice sunny day, soak in the warmth of natural Vitamin D!

Lackadaisical…sounds so whimisical…not!   Leave a comment

I have had quite spell of the ‘lackadaisical’ me…which truly is not a good thing for me.   Short spells of this condition are something I don’t mind too much, it is the longer periods which are quite perturbing.  Thus, it is a condition that a lot of people go through, whether they wish it or not…for some though, it wreaks havoc on one’s life so much, that it can take what seems like an eternity to bounce back.

This period for me is that of diminished enthusiasm and interest, and listlessness takes a toll over life as a whole, pouring over into every aspect of  life.  For me it is physical pain which deepens this feeling, if the pain is overwhelming so is this feeling….they go hand in hand.  I do not like it, but it happens, regardless of how much I try to stave it off.  Be forewarned that it is overly personal to me, but not necessarily to those around me…it is something I have to live with and as much as I don’t want it too, that means that those around me have to deal with it as well…and for this I beg patience and time.

‘Lackadaisical’, such a whimsical sounding word, the feelings of which are so real and definitely not fun nor whimsical in reality.

Colour or Black&White   Leave a comment


My life or midlife, to be more honest, is coloured with many hues, warm, cool, bright, dark, glittery, shimmery, pastel  and bolds.  At times I feel a patchwork of such, that can truly lead the eye astray…and yet again, at other time my pattern is so distinctive and focused.

I cannot truly say as I do not have a definitive preference. At times the rambling of colours is the basis of the mood I am in, while at other moments the subtle, yet sharp portrait in Black & White truly defines my tone of self.

Colours may be true to surroundings and a mirror of my true self, whereas, the vivid contrast of Black & White leads my soul to places of depth and truth.   Perhaps the album of my inner self contains the best of both….


Enjoy the moment…a bit of raindrops are good for the soul   Leave a comment

I enjoy rain! Plain and simple…it is refreshing, cleanses the air, smells and sounds delightful…
In the larger scheme of things, this downpour of water droplets, gives itself back to the earth from whence it came….replenishing and recycling, pure and natural as it comes. Natures flora and fauna, I feel, appreciate this more many of us do…you all know it, the complaints of dry weather, “I wish it would rain.” the complaints of rain “I hope we just get a sprinkling” or “When will it stop!
Taken for granted is this truly miraculous cycle of nature …
Take a moment and stand outside during the next rainfall, watch it’s movement, take a deep breath and smell the freshness, set your plants out to be watered by the hand of Mother Nature…..and enjoy the moment…a bit of raindrops are good for the soul.

Listening…   Leave a comment


Sometimes you have to wonder, does anyone listen to what you say….I don’t mean with their ears, I mean with their mind and being.  You can usually answer this little query, just by referring back to your comments or conversation to those in question.  If their answer or comment is even remotely vague and/or not even in the ballpark…there you go!

Now me….I consider myself a good listener.  Why…because it shows people I care about them, their lives, their concerns…just like I appreciate their listening to me.

Listening is a very simple, totally caring and understanding act in its simplicity…

Doesn’t it make you wonder why more people don’t listen…really, really listen, not with their ears, but with their whole being.


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Wishing and hoping, thinking and praying…   Leave a comment

Cute little song, that these words come from….these words are not merely from a song medley…they live within each and every one of us….our lives revolve on a steady axis of wonder and amazement.  We all wish, hope, think and pray….each in our own way for life to be everything we want and deserve.

It is with love of ourselves which brings about such a profound and deep contemplation of self…isn’t that all that truly matters, pleasing one’s self first….with that love of self, we find a fundamental and truly wondrous state of self-being…..

Yes, this is my profound wisdom of the day….Wishing and hoping, thinking and praying….works for me….

love of a friend….   Leave a comment

Not the typical friend, was this little friend of mine…he talked to me in a low mewing, with a loud purr, and a warm brush against my legs, letting me know…in no uncertain terms; that it was time to take a break, sip a cup of tea and hug up on the chair.  My little kitty, Casper, who lent his comfort when I needed it, lent an ear without judgement, and gave me unconditional love throughout his wonderful life.

Now after ten years of his friendship and love, he has left my home to dwell in a wonderful place of no ills, nor pain; waiting patiently for me, while I live out the rest of my life.  I will think often and  fondly of this little one, who gave me such love and joy, for I know that he gave me his heart to me for so many years, not asking for anything in return, except a comfortable lap to lie upon and that little rub under the chin the he loved so much…the simple and complete, love of a friend.

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